It is well-known among WordPress users that Yahoo Web Hosting has been pretty weak as a host for the WordPress software. For ages, Yahoo only automatically installed WordPress 2.0.2, which was buggy and old. I was frustrated with it, because it was so old it wouldn’t import the new blogger, effectuvely meaning I couldn’t import the settings from my group blog to WordPress (so I had to go with WordPress.com). 

However, things seem to have changed. Yahoo now starts out with WordPress 2.3.3, which is a big improvement over 2.0.2. Also, I found a nice WordPress plug-in that automatically upgrades WordPress software!! It is the Instant Upgrade Plugin. Until this moment, as I mentioned, I was stuck with WordPress 2.0.2. So we’ll see how this works, but it looks like I finally will have updated WordPress software!

UPDATE: I had a few issues with links not working after I went from 2.0.2 to the newest version, 2.5.1, using the instant upgrade plugin. To fix this, I exported the contents of this blog, deleted the blog with 2.5.1., then started a new blog through yahoo web-hosting (which now starts off with 2.3.3), and importing my exported material. Then, I upgraded to 2.5.1 using the plug-in, and everything works fine (so far). So maybe going from 2.0.2  to 2.5.1 caused some buggy behavior.

Speaking of “upgrades,” school is out this Friday (four days!!). We will be officially buying our house on Friday. We have a few things to do, like mowing the yard, cleaning out the gutters, and, of course, moving in.