A Break!

I am taking a little break from being busy. Generally, I like being busy, in my own way. I like updating web pages, teaching Catholicism, and so forth. I go to work joyfully (most days at least!). However, it seems like I have been pretty busy this year. I have had weekend commitments that have kept me from visiting my family since January. Basically, I am ready for a rest, and I am going to take it this week, visiting my family. Here is what I have planned for this first week of the Easter season (called the Octave of Easter):

– Run or hike outside (I know it is still about 40-50 degrees out, but I don’t care. I need some fresh air!)

– Go to the YMCA (I got an MP3 player for taking Harris Poll surveys, and I haven’t used it until today. It was nice to be able to run with music playing)

– Go golfing (see above…yes I know it is still pretty chilly, and the ground is pretty wet, but I am aching to get out and golf)

– Do some target shooting (I haven’t had a chance to get out and shoot much…not since last summer)

– Celebrate the resurrection of Christ in morning and evening prayer (Easter is a festive and joyous season!)