Re-Visioning This Blog

Frozen Apple Cider

I have put most of my blogging efforts into Per Christum, our Catholic group blog. I am figuring out what to write about here. So I have pretty much decided that this blog will focus mainly on my other interests besides religion:

– Health, Exercise, and Nutrition

– Politics

– Business/Finance

– Photography

– Fun Stuff (like golf, nature, etc)

Ok, this being said, here is a winter photo from my parents’ back porch. Apparently a jug of Apple Cider was left there, and, thanks to the winter, has turned into an apple cider Popsicle! I have found that some of my fall stuff tends to get left outside way too long so that it lasts into the winter (past its prime). Jennifer and I had a few pumpkins outside our apartment that, as it rotted in December, became a daily lunch for a squirrel.