A Perfect Combo: Coffee and Cocoa Powder

Jennifer and I have been eating more dark chocolate lately because of the antioxidant benefits of cocoa. We look for bars with the highest percentage of cocoa possible. However, chocolate bars are high in sugar and fat. So, I finally realized a better solution: put pure (100%) cocoa powder in my coffee, which I make without sugar. I usually mix the coffee, stevia (a calorie-free, herbal sweetener), and creamer together, and it tastes like liquid chocolate. I have both dark cocoa and regular. The dark that I found is alkalized, meaning it has been treated to be less acidic, and I like the taste of it better than the regular. However, because it is alkalized, it has fewer antioxidants, which is why I often mix it with the regular cocoa. This has also made me love my coffee even more.