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Some Fall Photos

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Here are some fresh photos for the Autumn. I took these when Jennifer, Jonathan, Carmel, and I (and other family) went out to buy some pumpkins this past weekend, which also happened to be the weekend of “the Pumpkin Show,” the biggest pumpkin related festival around. Yes, we went to it, and I think I had enough pumpkin products to last me for awhile! We also got some nice walking in, although this year I was disappointed that the excellent country-rock band Bucktown Kickback wasn’t there, since they were at last year’s show.

Orange and White Pumpkins

This is a shot of a lot of the pumpkins that were for sale. There are three white ones in the midst of the orange ones.

The Fall

This is at the farm with the pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin and Bindweed

Bindweed(?) in front of a pumpkin.

Autumn Leaves

The yellow leaves of autumn leaves with a few green summer holdovers.

Me and a Pumpkin

Yours truly with a pumpkin (after playing around with the photo on Picasa)