According to a recent test, I am an ENTP, which basically means I am outgoing, see the big picture rather than little details, emphasize thinking over feelings, and am more disorganized than organized. I used to score as an ENFP. I think, as I have been out in “the real world” (outside of being a student in some capacity), I have become less inclined to base my responses to others based on feelings. Maybe this results from dealing with high school students, many who take advantage of teachers who operate based on “feelings.” It also may result from my experiences in seminary and the Episcopal church, where feelings tend to be seen as the only “objective” truth, and everyone takes absurd steps to make sure nobody’s feelings get hurt. Even as a self-identified “feeler” back in grad school, nothing annoyed me more than when a fellow student “went pastoral” on me, trying to get me to “process my feelings” just because I may have reacted less than polite at times.

Despite the fact that I have scored as a pretty strong “thinker” now, I still often tend toward a “feeler” response, evidenced by the breaks I give students with grades (I don’t want them to look back and “hate” Jesus just because they weren’t that great in religion class). I have also become less extroverted than in the past I think. I now prefer more “alone time” than in the past, to recharge and gather my thoughts. Every time I have taken the test, I have scored as extroverted and intuitive. Related to the latter, I simply do not to details well. I love the big picture (N), and explaining this to others (E), in a way that is not too planned out (P), and based on good reason, even if it may offend you (T). This tendency to see the big picture (and the lack of organization, the “P”) may explain why I shudder at the thought of being in a traditional PhD program and writing a dissertation based on a narrow topic. I absolutely LOVE the classroom, but have never been interested in traditional research. The more I think of it, the more I think my personality is the reason.

I also learned that I am primarily a verbal learner, which is no surprise, given how much I love to read and write. I try to incorporate visual and auditory elements into my classroom often, to reach those who may learn in other ways.

The chart below details my information:

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