I used to be a “fall guy,” i.e. holding the fall season in the highest regard. I still regard the autumn highly…I mean, who wouldn’t? The fall has Halloween, Thanksgiving, All Saints, All Souls, Apple cider, changing leaves, football season, etc. However, I think the reason I liked it a lot was because the long and arduous high school football season was finally over. Once I got in high school, I never really had a full summer because of football two-a-days, football camp, weight lifting, etc, so for me, the time after the season ended was when I had a high degree of freedom. Now, I am becoming much more of a “summer guy,” enjoying running, golf, hiking, cook-outs, etc. I think it is most accurate to say I love all four seasons, which is why I like the Midwest so much, but I am coming to finally enjoy the summer in the same way the Beach Boys sung about.

Summer Hill