The Real Lemonjello and Orangejello

It is urban legend that there were twins named “Orangejello and “Lemonjello” (pronounced Or-AHN-juh-lo and luh-MON-juh-lo). However, when I searched for the names recently, I did find some interesting things.

According to Intelius People Search, there are a couple lemonjellos around, including a Lemonjello Jackson in Missouri, a Lemonjello Snarfblat in Arizona, and a Lemonjello Snicket in Georgia. Funny, there is an Orangejello Snicket in the same town in Georgia (Buena Vista). That is the only record of either name I can find in the whole U.S., and honestly the names sound a little suspicious. After all, “Lemonjello Snicket” sounds a little like “Lemony Snicket.” Who knows, maybe there is a “Limejello Snicket” around who is their triplet!

As to the “legend” there are people named “female” (fuh-MOLL-ee), a search in California alone reveals 135. The reason for the name? Supposedly immigrants lacking English skills saw “female” on the birth certificate (or hospital wristband), and thought it was an American custom for the hospital to name babies. Perhaps we’ll never know for sure if these “name legends” are real or not, but they do make for interesting discussion! I am not even going to get into the supposed name “Shithead” (pronounced “Shi-THADE).

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