Spring is Here

Spring is officially here in Ohio. I am getting out and walking, running, and gearing up for some tennis (and golf…for the first time in ages!). I am excited about the warm weather and getting a little sun. Here are photos of last year’s spring.

Gregory asked about cameras in an earlier post. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. It is hard for me to choose a good camera. I spent a lot of time on it. The camera I use is the Kodak Z7590. I like it because it has a 10x optical zoom, and loads of settings (like shutter speed, aperture, light, ISO, etc). To get all of these settings, which gives you the most control, it will probably cost at least 200 dollars, or perhaps more. Jonathan has a Konica-Minolta camera with similar specs, although I can’t recall the model right now. Of course, as you get in the 1000s of dollars, you REALLY get control, so I suppose it depends on what you need and can afford!

The photo on top is some pink spring blooms. The bottom photos is an interesting scene. You can see a forest of some type of white blossoming trees, maybe Dogwoods. You can see Dandelions in the foreground. I have rarely seen a forest that looks like this. However, in this particular area the hillsides look like they are covered with cotton in the spring.

Spring Blooms

Spring Scene (Dogwood Forest)