I Love Lucy

Lucy Ricardo and Ethel MertzI have been getting into “I Love Lucy” lately. I used to kind of like the show, but never watched it much. When we met, Jennifer said she didn’t like it. Then she started watching it during her lunch hour since it comes after “The Andy Griffith Show.” She started liking it, and when I was home during the summer, I watched it with her. I came to really appreciate it.

So before I moved to start my new job I ordered three “I Love Lucy” DVD sets, and I really have been enjoying them (especially before I got net access). I also like it because it is from a time when Hollywood released fairly wholesome stuff. “I Love Lucy” and “The Andy Griffith Show” make people laugh, even modern young people, without resorting to profantity or sexual humor. I am not a puritan or anything, and I enjoy modern shows like the Simpsons (in fact it is near the top of my favorite shows), but can you imagine a primetime show making people laugh without using any crude humor? I don’t think modern TV writers could even do it if they tried.

However, when you like old shows it can be sad when you go and research the actors. Most of them have passed away. Desi Arnaz died from lung cancer, a result of smoking the cigarettes of the show’s sponsor, Philip Morris.

There is not much of a point to this post, just that like many before me, “I Love Lucy.”