Getting My Butt in Gear

I have been really bad lately in my choice of foods and in being inactive. I need to get my butt in gear.

I have been busy at work and getting the apartment looking nice. Now that I have a routine at work and the apartment looks nice, what is my excuse? I don’t have a good one.

I have been making minor changes to improve my diet like:

-eating more whole grains (bread, pasta, etc)
-using light versions of foods
-avoiding sugar completely
-making sure my fiber content is at least 25g/day

Of course, I try to do these most of the time anyway. It is just that when I visit my parents or “go out” I usually eat way too much. Can we say stuffed-crust pizza anyone? Or how about a ham and cheese sub and a fries? There are just too many “special occasions” where I can justify eating way too much.

I also need to get more active. I ran quite a bit this summer, but not nearly enough. I need to find a good state park or running track around here. I really do enjoy running at new places and trying to improve my distance and time, etc, but I have been pretty lazy as of late I guess. I have been getting about 5000-8000 steps in at school, according to my pedometer. This isn’t enough for my liking. I am still in decent shape, considering I was running 2-3 miles at a time this summer, but it was a greater struggle than in the past.

Basically I have been feeling kind of “blah” lately, and I know why. It is because I am too full a lot, and my clothes don’t fit as well as I like. This general “blah” is most definitely related to my weight and inactivity. So, I am writing this to put into words what I need to do: get my butt in gear.