A Good Weekend

I had a great weekend; what can I say? Jennifer came to visit me, and we did all kinds of things. We went out to eat on Friday, and on Saturday went to the Our Lady of Consolation Shrine in the afternoon. Then we went to Saturday evening Mass, followed by watching my school’s high school football team. We left that at half-time because it was raining. We got a bite to eat a Mexican restaurant called “Mi Jalapeno.” It was great! In fact we ate there the next night too.

On Sunday we went to the nearest state park, which is about 20 minutes away. They have a beach area there where I took the photos below. Now it is back to old grind of course, but a good weekend always makes the week go better.

The photos below are of Jennifer, her feet, and two friends walking on the beach (I have no idea who they are).

Jennifer on the beach

Jennifer washing off her shoes

Strangers walking on the beach