Waiting for the Fall

Jennifer kicking fall leavesYes, I am ready for autumn. It invaribly happens around late August. I am ready for summer’s end. Most people think I am crazy, since all the good pop musicians sing of summer, and summer is the time when people take their vacations and do all sorts of things they can’t do any other time. In fairness to summer, it’s not just summer that I am in a hurry to get rid of. I am usually ready for the next season around the end of the current one. However, the Fall is my favorite season, for a variety of reasons.

Hocking Hills in the FallI have had enough of the heat, and while I like the color green, I am ready for a change of color. I have always had very positive memories of the Fall. I think it is for a number of reasons. I like cooler weather, and prefer adding on layers as opposed to wearing less. Halloween and Thanksgiving fall within Autumn, as do the customs associated with them. Advent and the secular time leading up to Christmas are in the Fall too. My favorite sport, football, is for all intents and purposes, a fall sport. I like fall foods, like pumpkin pie, apples, hot cider, and so forth. Plus, the early Fall is very colorful, and it is fun to hike in the fall weather. I have posted a few photos from last fall. I will likely have new ones to post later, but since we are still in the middle of the summer heat, these photos will have to do.

The first photo is of Jennifer kicking up some leaves. We took this while walking near my parent’s house.

The second photo is some trees near the Hocking Hills are of Southern Ohio.