The Last Signs of Summer

Well, I know summer is coming to end. Why?

Blackberries Football season is starting! I am excited about watching some Ohio State and Cleveland Browns games, and some high school games as well. The high schools where I have taught/graduated from/will be teaching have all performed very well recently, so they provide some interesting games.

School is starting Is it that time already? Sheesh!

Halloween and Christmas items are out Yes, to the department stores, it is already Halloween (and even for some, Christmas). I actually don’t object too much to getting decorations out early. I am a big anticipator, and I am ready for autumn.

Blackberry Picking Jennifer and I picked some fresh blackberries yesterday at a local farm. It was a fun experience, because I love getting out with Jennifer and I love eating blackberries! We must have eaten 20 each on the way home from the farm. That’s ok: they are loaded with good phytochemicals.