I have always enjoyed music. I like a variety of styles from classical to rock. Since I subscribed to Yahoo Music I have had a great time finding old songs I love and discovering new ones. Here are a few new ones on my computer:

Pancho and Lefty – Townes Van Zandt
Fox on the Run – Dale Watson
Whistle Song – Kent
Kevlar Soul – Kent
Orly – Jacques Brel
If You’re Gone – Gene Clark
My Death – (Tribute to) Jacques Brel
Neon of Nashville – Flatlanders
Yahweh – U2
One by One – Wilco
Santa Fe Thief – Jimmie Dale Gilmore
He was a Friend of Mine – Jerry Jeff Walker

Of all the ones I listen to, Kent and Jacques Brel stand out in terms of their uniqueness. Kent is a Swedish band that has had 2 albums in English, Isola and Hagnesta Hill. I have both. Jacques Brel was a French singer who wrote many tunes that became hit songs in America ("If You Go Away" and "Seasons in the Sun"). I don’t understand a word he is saying, but the music is good. He died of lung cancer in the 1970s, and you can hear him breathing heavy on "Orly," left with one barely functioning lung, one of his last songs. An English tribute to Bel recorded a song called "My Death" which goes like this (excerpts):

Old Records
My death,
is like a swinging door,
a patient girl,
who knows the score,
whistle for her,
and the passing time…

My death,
waits like a Bible truth,
at the funeral,
of my youth,
weep loud for that,
and the passing time…

My death,
waits like a beggar blind,
who sees the world,
with an unlit mind,
throw him a dime,
for the passing time…

My death,
waits to allow my friends,
a few good times,
before it ends,
let’s drink to that,
and the passing time…

In the first and stanzas of "Orly", he sings (translation help please?):

Ils sont plus de deux mille
Et je ne vois qu`eux deux
La pluie les a soudés
Semble-t-il l`un à l`autre
Ils sont plus de deux mille
Et je ne vois qu`eux deux
Et je les sais qui parlent
Il doit lui dire: je t`aime
Elle doit lui dire: je t`aime
Je crois qu`ils sont en train
De ne rien se promettre
C`est deux-là sont trop maigres

Pour être malhonnêtes

High School Band DirectorEt puis il disparaît
Bouffé par l`escalier
Et elle elle reste là
Cœur en croix bouche ouverte
Sans un cri sans un mot
Elle connaît sa mort
Elle vient de la croiser
Voilà qu`elle se retourne
Et se retourne encore
Ses bras vont jusqu`a terre
Ça y est elle a mille ans
La porte est refermée
La voilà sans lumière
Elle tourne sur elle-même
Et déjà elle sait
Qu`elle tournera toujours
Elle a perdu des hommes
Mais là elle perd l`amour
L`amour le lui a dit
Revoilà l`inutile
Elle vivra ses projets
Qui ne feront qu`attendre
La revoilà fragile
Avant que d`être à vendre
Je suis là je le suis
Je n`ose rien pour elle
Que la foule grignote

Comme un quelconque fruit

The images are (left) of the woofer for my computer’s speakers and (upper right) my cat sitting beside some of my records. The records are (clockwise):  Joe South "Introspect," Badfinger "Say No More,"  "Introdicing the Beatles,"  Lemon Pipers "Jungle Marmalade," P.F. Sloan "Measure of Pleasure," and finally Barry McGuire "Eve of Destruction." The bottom right photo is the band director at the school where I work. Thanks to Picasa2 for jazzing these photos up.