A Few Updates

#1: For those who didn’t make it to the Lessons and Carols celebration, you missed something special. We had about 15 participants, which was more than I expected. You wouldn’t think something done over the net like that could be so meaningful, but it was. A non-Catholic participant was even moved to tears. For future events, check out Catholics Building Bridges Room Events. The next event is on January 18th at 9:00PM EST. We will be commemorating the Octave of Christian Unity with a discussion on ecumenism followed by Compline (Night Prayer). To participate, you must go to Paltalk.com, download their free messenger program, and sign up for an account (also free).

#2: Owen over at Luminousmiseries and his family are to be received into the Catholic Church on Sunday January 15th. While it will be Ordinary Time in the Church Calendar, it will be anything but ordinary for Owen and his family. Please remember him in your prayers and offer up your encouragement.