It’s Advent!

Christmas Spread

Finally, Advent is here! Christmas is just around the corner. Here is what I am doing that is Advent and Christmas related, as well as a few thoughts about the season:

I just got out my advent wreath. I made a new one, since my mom needed some greenery for a decoration, so I gave her my old piece of greenery. The new one is pictured below on the right. Unfortunately, I have to place it on a chair for lack of room, so the setting is hardly romantic!

– I also got a few holiday decorations up. The photo of them is above on the left. Notice the nativity set, minus the baby Jesus and wise men. Also a few gingerbread folks are hanging around a gingerbread house. I didn’t want to get them too close to the Nativity set, because the Bible doesn’t say anything about gingerbread men being present at Christ’s birth. There is a candle, a few tart burners, and a little glass holy family icon.

– Can’t decide what to get that theologian friend or spouse of yours for Christmas? How about the Early Church Fathers 38 Volume Set? While the translation is old, the scholarship a bit out-of-date, not to mention a strong anti-Catholic and anti-Orthodox bias to the notes, the whole set is just over $200 right now.

– I just got out some of the Holiday CDs (I say "holiday" not to be PC, but because the CDs are technically a mix of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany music). Some of the artists: The Crash Test Dummies, Rod McKuen, New Christy Minstrels, Neil Diamond, Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, Johnny Cash, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and more. Enjoy Advent!

Advent Wreath