All Souls Day

Today is All Souls Day, when we remember and pray for the souls of the faithful departed. While most liturgical Christians like Catholics, Orthodox, and Anglicans, pray for the dead in their services, All Souls Day is set aside as a special day for the purpose.

One good devotion is to pray the Office of the Dead, which is found in most Catholic Liturgy of the Hours books, or make up a list of departed friends and relatives, and after each name, pray the prayer below (Prayer from All Souls Day Prayers). This is a good way to remember your relatives as well. You may also want to think of a memory of them while you pray.

Eternal Rest grant to them (him/her),
O Lord,
and let perpetual light
shine upon them (him/her).
May they rest in peace.

In Latin:
Requiem aeternam dona eis (ei),
et lux
perpetua luceat eis (ei).
Requiescant (-at) in pace. Amen.