High School Football

Cheerblog_1Nothing beats being out in the cold air on a Friday night eating nachos and watching a couple of teams try to kill each other. I am surprised how much I have enjoyed High School football games this year. In the past, I would have wondered if I wasn’t "slipping" into what I used to term a "local mentality," meaning, living for watching sports and doing "unenlightened" things. What arrogance! Yeah, I have deeper interests like theology, history, and so forth. However, I have always believed that the deeper stuff doesn’t mean much if the everyday things aren’t there. What good are knowledge and depth if you can’t share them with anybody or do the little things? In seminary I felt like I was in a little academic bubble. Yeah, we were "deep," or so most of us thought, but living trapped in that so-called enlightened bubble about killed me emotionally. While I enjoyed hanging out with a core group of seminary friends (who read this blog sometimes), outside of them, I remember being so glad to hang out with some undergrads, where the air wasn’t so rarefied. Besides, the enlightened folk of the past loved sports, and the more violent the better, hehe.

FootblogAnyway, enough of the philosophy behind liking football…I teach at a school where football is very important. The team goes to the state championship almost every year. Surprisingly, the kids behave very well, and the school, despite the emphasis on football, also emphasizes academics and excellence in behavior. As the yearbook adviser and full-time sub, I get in free, and get to go anywhere I want to take photos, even right next to the field.  Jennifer gets to tag along and take photos too.

Here are a few photos from Friday night’s homecoming game. These are not taken with my new camera. I actually took that one back, because I found a new one with triple the optical zoom capabilities for a similar price and quality. It should arrive soon.