An Autumn Trip

Fall Scene

Today Jennifer and I took a trip to the Hocking Hills area of Ohio. It is well-known for beautiful scenery and excellent hiking.

Small Waterfalls

This year, the autumn is a bit muted. I have noticed that in my area, the Fall is about a week or two behind last year. Maybe it has been the extended dry spell that happened this last summer. Either way, the Hocking Hills area’s Fall is muted as well. The colors are not as vivid, and the trees seem to be mostly green and skeletal. The photos show the color we saw.

Water Spattering

We started the day by visiting an Amish buffet. While it is not run by Amish now, it serves "down-home" food, like mashed potatoes and stuffing. I always look forward to eating there, and it has become an important part of my tradition of visits to the Hocking Hills.

Spring Water

This year, like last year, I was armed with a camera (and a girlfriend with a camera). Ever since I got my new camera, I have been trying to capture common moments of my life a little more. With Wal-Mart’s 19 cents/print service (that I can send from my home computer), taking images of my life has never been easier. I find that I don’t have many photos of the mundane things in my life. I don’t have any photos of my friend Dave and I from 1996-1999, yet we hung out almost every weekend during that time. I wish now I would have taken some photos.

So I have decided now to take photos of everything, and give them my own "touch" in the process. Happy Fall!

The photos:
Top: a scene by a road on the way home
Second: waterfalls
Third: water sprinkling down from rocks above
Last: spring water, near my home