An Autumn Evening and Night

Autumn has to be my favorite season. We have All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Halloween,  and Thanksgiving that fall within Autumn. Advent begins in the Autumn as well. Plus, where I live, the leaves start turning colors, the weather gets crisp, and the air just seems to smell differently. I took a few photos yesterday and the day before, specifically trying to capture some of the uniqueness of the Fall on film (well… in digital memory!).

Moving Clouds

This is one I took at night with a nearly full moon illuminating the sky. I had to set the shutter speed to around 8 seconds to get the same color/light that I saw with my own eyes. I had to set up a tripod to accomplish this. Afterwards, I kept asking myself why the clouds were blurry. Then it hit me: it is because the clouds were moving, quite quickly, and within the 8 seconds the shutter was open, the clouds had moved. Nonetheless, it is a neat effect. I only wish I had captured more of the home and water tower below.

Sunset Over Trees

This is an autumn evening scene I took. I didn’t have to use a long shutter speed because it was evening and there was some natural light. I had to adjust the speed a tad because the auto-mode was coming out too dark.

Well, as you can tell, we have been having some very beautiful autumn nights and evenings. I have been saying for about a month now that I am ready for Fall. Now I guess it is here!

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