New Camera

Redleaf_1  Last night I broke down and bought a new digital camera. Actually, it is my first digital camera, but I have been using my mom’s on occasion. It is a Kodak DX7639 and I got it last night well below retail with a docking station thrown in for free. I figure now that I am the Yearbook Adviser where I work, I can justify the purchase because of the extra money I will be making from that. Also, we are behind in taking photos, so I should start helping us catch up.

Plus, I just love photography. It is one of those secret interests of mine. If I didn’t tell you I loved it, you wouldn’t know. I haven’t gotten a new camera since the early 1990s, when my parents bought me an automatic (impressive at the time!) 35mm camera. My mom has a really nice 35mm camera, and a decent digital one, so I have been used to seeing quality photographs of just about everything (especially cats!). For my 3rd grade wildflower collection mom took close-ups of all the flowers, in addition to the pressed flower. I think it was those photographs that helped spark my love of nature and nature photography/scenery. I have also done numerous Photography 4H projects throughout the years. Recently, in the hopes that I would actually develop my interest further, I bought Paint Shop Pro for my computer, but I have been too busy to sit down and explore that too much. Now that I splurged and bought a new camera, I hope to finally show a little more interest in photography and learn a few more things.

Image from: (image by Ian Britton)