Robb has tagged me to list my 5 idiosyncrasies. Here goes:

1. Cold cheese. I don’t like it. I LOVE cheese on most things, when it is cooked. I can tolerate cold cheese if it is shredded and mixed in a salad or something, but it has to be finely shredded. I don’t do cheese chunks.

2. Cayenne. I put cayenne in and on just about everything. I put it in soups, tartar sauce, ketchup, eggs, etc. Instead of salt, I just put straight cayenne pepper on my fries. Usually they are nearly completely covered with cayenne pepper. MMMM, I am getting hungry now!

3. My driving style. Ever since gas hit $1.50 or so, I have driven differently and probably by most accounts, more oddly. I was just reading the other day that starting slowly and coasting into a stop (as much as possible) can increase gas mileage by around 30 percent. I have been doing just this for awhile. There is a hill on the way to work that I can coast down for about 1/4 mile. People riding with me sometimes wonder what I am doing because I usually coast more than I use the brake.

4. The way I use credit cards. Most people I meet are a little surprised that someone who is as concerned about good financial decisions as I am has 5 credit cards. Well, they are all reward cards (except the St Vincent De Paul society card which gives money to the organization), and I always pay off the balance. I get 5% back at gas stations, supermarkets, and pharmacies, and 1% back at other places. Over the last 3 years, I have gotten around 600-700 dollars in rewards or cash. Plus, I tend to be pretty controlled in my spending, so the balances are rather low.

5. Vitamins. At college they called me the vitamin king. I take quite a few supplements. I am pretty fascinated by herbs and natural chemicals (especially enzymes), and enjoy planning which ones I will take each day (although I am much busier now, so I sometimes forget to take them). I buy them mail order, so I don’t pay that much, and lately I have cut back on ones I don’t deem necessary. Nonetheless, I have quite a few I take. Weirdly, part of the reason I take them is because of my health, and part of it is probably the enjoyment of planning the supplement regimen itself. 

I am too busy to tag someone, so if you want to list your idiosyncrasies, I tag you!