Vandals Hit Sorrowful Mother Shrine
Carey Shrine Visitors Threatened by "Ministry of Annoyance"

Guadalupe_1Vandals have decapitated a statue of Mary, and "ministers of annoyance" recently came to a major Assumption festival to disrupt worship. It’s sad. I don’t know if these two events are related, but both happened at shrines close to one another, and within a short time span. I have visited both shrines and they are within a reasonable driving distance of my home. I have always felt God’s presence at both places, and have blogged on my visits there in the following entries:  Our Lady of Consolation and Sorrowful Mother Shrine.

Decapitating a statue of Jesus’ mother is despicable. Destroying or defacing a symbol of any religion is disrespectful and shows a real lack of character. As to the "ministers of annoyance," I wonder how many people have been annoyed into the kingdom of God? Very few I suspect. I remember on the Simpsons there was an episode when Artie Ziff (Marge’s ex from high school) came onto Marge in an annoying and overbearing way. Marge asks him, "Does that work on anyone?" Artie replies, "No…but when it does…hello! Such is evangelism. Annoying, pestering, criticizing, threatening, and badgering people into the kingdom of God has never worked, not that I admit the "ministers" in question here have a grasp on what God’s kingdom is anyway.

I want all my non-Catholic readers to know that I do not believe for a second that the actions of the "ministers of annoyance" represent mainstream evangelicalism or Protestantism. I have a great Protestant family and many great Protestant friends, and they too think this approach is ridiculous.

Thanks to Catholic Report for the hat-tip.

Image is either mine of Jonathan’s from our visit to Carey.