Getting Back to the Grind

SchoolnewWith the exception of having Jennifer living close, this Fall is not exactly where I had hoped to be. I am teaching 7th grade Parish School of Religion at my local church, although my strength lies in teaching adults. However, God may just want to expand my horizons a little, since I seem to have 7th grade teaching jobs fall into my lap at church and at work. Speaking of work, I am subbing again. Like last year, I have some good jobs lined up, but I still would rather either be studying in a PhD program or teaching theology in my own classroom. Nonetheless, I am still trusting God about my future. I can see quite a few reasons why my plans for this year haven’t worked out as I had hoped last year, but I don’t plan on being a sub my whole life! Anyway, it’s back to the old grind.

Last year I compiled Prayers for Teachers, Students, and Schools. There are a few education related prayers from Church history for everyone to use on that webpage.