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Get Some Sun to Treat Cancer?

Monday, June 20th, 2005

Sunimage_1For years we have been told that sunlight causes cancer, and that we should work hard to avoid sun exposure. This sun-cancer connection certainly still holds true for many types of skin cancer, especially for fair-skinned individuals. If we need proof that the sun causes skin cancer, we need only look at the increasingly alarming rate of skin cancer among teenagers. However, all of this said, maybe the sun is not completely bad after all, as new research suggests that sunlight may actually benefit those who already have internal cancer.

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Sunday, June 5th, 2005

New on St. Peregrine. Net (which now has a tentative name: The Saint Peregrine Cancer Information and Support Network):

Green Tea Kills Leukemia Cells
Green Tea Acts Against Breast Cancer
Regular Exercise Extends the Life of Breast Cancer Patients   
On the Prevention and Treatment of Colon Cancer

Vitamins_1These are mostly news articles to hold the page over while we get some other things up. The last article is an exception. It is a work in progress of mine, which is a compilation of my research into preventing and treating colorectal cancer. I hope to expand into other cancers as well. As some of you know, outside of theology, my second interest is health and wellness, and this includes what many would call "alternative medicine," although not the new-age side, but rather the use of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and lifestyle to prevent and treat disease.

Culbert2Related to this, I just found out that a favorite alternative medicine author of mine has passed away. His name is Michael Culbert, and he died 9-11-2004. While his political positions were more extreme than mine, I always enjoyed his books for their original thinking. I met him once and asked if he had extra copies at home of an out-of-print book of his. He only charged me ten dollars (including shipping) for a book that goes for double if not triple that on ebay. A few weeks later I got it, with a little message from him.