The GRE is Over and Other Things!

GreI have taken the GRE! Thank God that is over. My mind has been swirling with so many GRE words that I give blank looks when someone speaks common English to me. Well, it’s not that bad, but the night before the GRE someone asked me my age and I said "28." My brother had to gently remind me that I was only 26. I can define "obstreperous" but can’t remember my age. This means I’ll fit in at most grad schools!

Anyway, I did very well. I am not bragging, and I absolutely hate the competition among grad students who share their scores on tests as a means to feel better about themselves, even though they feign humility. You’ll just have to take my word that I am not trying to brag or one-up anybody. I mention my performance because many in cyberspace have been concerned and have offered their prayers. My verbal score was in the 700s (the most important score for my field) and my Quantitative score was in the 600s, 100 less than my Verbal. The writing portion won’t be graded for a few weeks. I am pleased, and thank you for your prayers.

I am still not convinced the GRE tells us much of anything. Perhaps it means I have a knack for comprehending writers who purposely use big words when they don’t have to? That always comes in handy. Well, joking aside, I think the GRE serves some purpose, but a 120 dollar purpose…I am not sure.

Note: the image is from, and is a photo of the GRE’s practice software. I did not bring a camera into the testing center!!!