My Top Ten GRE Words

I have been so engrossed in preparing for the GRE, that the vocabulary words have been swirling in my head. In a fit of randomness, I thought I would share my 10 favorite GRE words, with definitions and sentences:

10. Gratuitous – unwarranted; The GRE contained gratuitous common language.
9. Grandiloquent – using big words; Using the word grandiloquent is itself grandiloquent.
8. Capricious – unpredictable; I am sick of her capricious attendance at work.
7. Verisimilitudinous– likelihood, probable; His getting shot with arrows in the play was verisimilitudinous; I really believed he was St. Sebastian.
6. Countenance– to approve; He refused to countenance such behavior by withholding his usual response of "sure, dog?".
5. Malingerer– one who fakes illness to avoid work; Nothing is worse than an assiduous malingerer; someone who works hard to avoid work.
4. Brook– to tolerate or endure; He could brook no more time with his girlfriend Brooke.
3. Inveterate– deep-rooted, habitual; Studying for the GRE was becoming such an inveterate task, the strain caused him to start smoking.
2. Lugubrious– mournful; She was in a lugubrious state after her high-speed Internet connection was down for yet another hour.
1. Protean– versatile; Even though he was a protean Philatelist, having the ability to classify stamps of every era and country, he couldn’t even pump his own gas.

Okay, this is kind of dorky, but studying for the GRE for hours a day will do that to you.